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Taixing Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Taixing, Jiangsu, is the top–ranked and experienced machinery and equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, whose series of high quality CNC machine tools, marine equipments, mechanical & electric equipments are widely used in the field of oil and marine industry etc. Established in 2000, and spread its business to over 30 countries
With 3 factories and 300 staffs (including 80 professionals, 20 senior engineers), we mainly produce 3 different series of machinery products as follows 1. Oil pipe machining equipments: CNC pipe threading lathe, drill pipe hardbanding machine, drill pipe repair machine, drill collar spiral milling machine... 2. Oil tanker and chemical taker safety equipment: high velocity relief valve(pressure/vacuum valve)   3.Other mechanical machinery: Wire rope crimping/pressing machine, CNC flame/plasma cutting machine, Vacuum pump etc.
With over 10 years of combined knowledge and expertise, our team is staffed with skilled people that our customers can count on, provide innovative and cost effective solutions to customer needs.

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